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2018 China Smart Home Expo Was Successfully Held in Guangzhou
Source: China Daily
On December 22nd, 2018 China Smart Home Expo (CSH), the famous high-end smart home event, was held in Poly World Trade Center Expo. Lasting for three days, the expo was jointly hosted by Asian Construction Technology Alliance, China Real Estate Development Alliance and Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group. Dedicated to building an international industry exchange event, a series of concurrent activities were held at the meantime, including Kinpan Week, China Real Estate Development + Smart Home Forum, and 2018 China Real Estate Industry Development Expo.
Visual Feast & Grand Event
Taking the house as the carrier, the smart home merges several technologies, including automatic control technology, computer technology, and the Internet of Things technology. For this reason, it also combines household appliances control, environmental monitoring, information management, audio-visual entertainment and many other functions. Through centralized control of home equipment, it provides a more convenient, comfortable, safe and energy-saving living environment. The smart home doesn’t refer to a single product, but a systemic product concept with a far range. It’s not a new concept. Industry giants, at home and aboard, have made the market layouts and built up their core advantages through diversified competition in the market. As the first time to be held in Guangzhou, CSH 2018 has brought a wonderful event for the industry.   
CSH 2018 also gathered a batch of brand enterprises to showcase their latest products, including ORVIBO, CHANGHONG, Lenovo, Turingcat, SEPSION, Dade Zhongdian, Light Magic, Tijio, and so on. Meanwhile, numerous products on the expo site also attracted a mass of real estate developers.
A Cluster of Concurrent Events 
A new round of global technological revolution and the intelligent tide is surging. With the continuous penetration of the Internet of Things, cloud computing and AI technology in the segmentation field, the smart home and intelligent hardware industries are rapidly diversifying and ecologically developing. A variety of new technologies, new products and innovative applications are constantly emerging.
In addition to the most innovative and comprehensive visual feast, CSH 2018 also brought us the most profound experience of industry wisdom. Its wonderful concurrent events have created an excellent opportunity for industry insiders to communicate with the most representative professionals and listen to the authoritative speech of industry leaders and technical experts. It was an important channel for expanding the Chinese market and creating the global market network, as well as an important platform for the new product release of the smart home industry. 
Many enterprise delegates gathered there and discussed the development of real estate and smart home, including Zeng Yanyan (Director of Operations at Poly Real Estate), Zhou Hao (Lenovo Group), Du Changjing (Founder of Disheng Design), Yi Tonghua (Founder of ZEST ART), Ou Zong (Director at ORVIBO), Xie Weihua (Vice President at Dade Zhongdian), Chen Zhixiong (Founder of Vensi), Xiang Zhongxiong (Founder of QJ Smartech), etc. At the same time, more than 400 real estate project cases were shown in Kinpan Week. Combining smart home industry with the real estate industry, CSH 2018 has gathered 300 real estate leaders, 500 first-line designers and many industry giants to share the cutting-edge innovation and technology development.  
Themed on Leading the Development and Promoting the Strategic Transformation of Smart Home Industry, CSH 2018 made the macro-strategy of industry development from the global perspective, exploring the cutting-edge technology of smart home and the innovative strategy of smart home mode in the globe, sharing new thinking in the field of smart home finance. CSH 2018 used a multi-pronged approach to create a first-class trade event in the industry. It has expanded an important trading platform for new brands, gathered buyers to build a high-efficiency marketing platform and assembled elites to create breakthroughs in the industry.