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Kinpan Week 2019 Includes:
The 14th Kinpan Awards Presentation Ceremony
2019 China Real Estate Development Summit
2019 China Real Estate Development Industry Expo
Want to meet face to face with legends from China’s real estate and architecture industry? Here is a chance you cannot miss! International Kinpan Week, one of the most prestigious events in China’s real estate and architecture industry, will be held under the same roof as SHB 2019! 
Held by Times House Magazine, one of the most-read real-estate-related professional publications in China, Kinpan Week yearly attracts 300+ executives and 500+ senior architects and designers from China’s top real estate & construction companies, including: 
Evergrande Group, 
Vanke Group, 
Country Garden, 
Poly Developments, 
Greenland Group, 
Sunac China, 
R&F Group, 
MCC Real Estate Group
Zhongnan Group,
China Aoyuan Property Group,
Junfa Group,
China Jinmao,
RK Properties,
Huafa Group,
Beijing Capital Land,
Midea Real Estate Group,
Dowell Real Estate,
... ...
Partial Guests including:
Fan Yiting, Vice President of CIFI GROUP
Mao Qing, General Manager of R&D Centre of Zhongnan Land
Gao Xiangdong, Vice President of China Aoyuan Property Group Limited
Lv Hongyu, Chief Planner of Myhome Real Estate Development Group Co.,ltd.
Xie Yu, General Assistant of Guangdong BU of Greenland Group
Li Heng, Chief Architect of Beijing Capital Land
Li Min, General Manager of R&D Centre of Junfa Real Estate
Zou Rui, Chief Planner of PKU Resources
Mao Wenjun, General Manager of Design Control Department of Jinke Group
Zheng Zhiqiang, Director of R&D Centre of Ronshine Group
Yang Xinrong, Deputy Chief Engineer of Evergrande Group
Hu Shaoning, Vice President of South China Design Department of MCC Real Estate Group Co., Ltd.
Yuan Yunduan, Director of South China Branch of China Jinmao
Liu Tingya, Chief Architect of Southeast Branch of Sunac China Holdings Limited
Zeng Yanyan, Director of Development and Operation Centre of Poly Group
Liu Guang, Design Director of Nanjing Branch of Yango Group
Zhao Honghong, Professor, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology
Yu Yang, Landscape Design Director of Wuxi Wanke
Wang Zhen, Deputy General Manager of Suzhou RK Properties
Huang Zhenghang, Deputy Chief Engineer of Guangzhou R&F Properties
Guo Peichao, Vice President of R&D Centre of China Aoyuan Property Group Limited
Weng Wanjun, Design Director of Huafa Properties (Guangzhou)
Zhao Ai’ai, Product Director of Liaoning Branch of Midea Real Estate
Xu Feifei, Chief Interior Design Director of CIFI GROUP
Du Changjing, Founder of Tianjin Disheng Decoration Design Co.,Ltd.
Ou Zhili, CTO of Shenzhen ORBIVAL
Zhou Hao, Lenovo Group
Xie Weihua, Vice President of Dade
Chen Zhixiong, Founder of Vensi Intelligent
Xiang Zhonghong, Founder of
Fang Qi, Vice President of R&D Centre of Zhongliang Holding Group
Yang Qi, General Assistant of Design and Development of Radiance Group
Fu Chunyi, Internal Design Assistant General Manager of R&D Centre of Dowell Real Estate
Songke, General Manager of Design Control Department of Dongguan-Shenzhen Branch of Country Garden